Wilderness Pamlico 135t kayak

The Wilderness Pamlico 135T Tandem Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T Tandem Kayak Review

Wilderness Pamlico 135t kayakFor paddling down the gentle waters of a stream or the rougher, more open waters of the ocean or large lake, the Pamlico 135t Tandem Kayak is perfect for those outdoor adventures for two. Of the many tandem kayaks that are available on the market, the Pamlico 135t tandem kayak stands out for its relative simplicity of style, yet wide number of features that makes it a perfect addition to your outdoor collection.

The high quality polyethylene material used to construct the kayak’s hull is highly durable and resistant to the constant pounding of the waves while being very lightweight and portable as well. The smooth lines and compact, but ample interior of the kayak allow it to be stored easily either in or on top of your vehicle and the lightweight design makes it easy to remove and store.

Pamlico 135t Kayak Features

  •     Hull Material: polyethylen
  •     Length: 13 ft 6 in
  •     Width: 31 in
  •     Maximum Load: 500 lb
  •     Cockpit Length:     90″
  •     Cockpit Width:     24″
  •     Deck Height:     14″
  •     Bow Hatch Dimensions:
  •     Day Hatch Dimensions:
  •     Orbix Stern Hatch Dimensions: 8 in
  •     Skeg: yes
  •     Paddler Skill: all levels
  •     Weight: 72 lb
  •     Sliding Bow Seat
  •     Bungee Deck rigging
  •     Stern Bulkhead
  •     Comfort Carry handles
  •     Phase 3 Seating System
  •     SlideLock Foot Brace System
  •     Rudder Ready
  •     Recommended Use: recreational paddling
  •     Manufacturer Warranty: limited lifetime

Pamlico 135t Tandem Description

The Pamlico 135t Tandem Kayak is perfect for beginners as well as those who have kayaked for many years. Being light in weight means you can easily maneuver the kayak around rocks or other obstructions with ease as well as negotiating turns and riding onto or off the shoreline. Yet the durable construction and finely balanced seating arrangements mean that this kayak isn’t just floating lightly above the waves, it grants real stability to your ride, which means that you can paddle with confidence and in comfort, even if this is your first time in a kayak.

Talking of stability, if you want some evidence of this, check out this extraordinary video shot by a user:


The ease of maneuverability is combined with a subtle, but important feature as the Pamlico 135t Tandem Kayak is well designed for forward paddling, making it easier for the more experienced person to paddle in the front seat and see all the waters in front. You can also adjust the seating arrangements based on your size and length of legs and even works quite well for paddling solo when you don’t have a partner with you. You can even adjust the seating “on the fly” if you will to make corrections during your trip as well as an adjustable foot brace system in the stern. Advanced models have deluxe seating for even more comfort for both passengers.

Measuring in at 13’ 6” in length with a width of only 31”, the Pamlico 135t Tandem Kayak is quite compact in size, yet surprisingly spacious enough to handle most sizes of people. With a maximum load capacity of 500 pounds, you can easily stores extra goodies between the seats as you either ride the waves or gently sail down the currents.

The easy to use rope locking mechanism means your kayak won’t go anywhere unless you want it to and you can even order the special “rudder edition”, a great inclusion that adds even more maneuverability and stability to your ride, especially on rougher waters.

The Wilderness Pamlico 135t Tandem Kayak was updated from previous models to take full advantage of all the latest advancements in kayak design and include them all in one, smooth package of lightweight, yet durable materials, easy maneuverability and plenty of great features that makes the perfect introduction to the joys of kayaking whether you love the ocean, lake, river, pond or large stream that is in your neck of the woods.

Wilderness Pamlico 135t Customer Reviews

Most users appear to be very pleased with the quality and performance of the Wilderness 135t tandem. It’s great to see so many good reviews as it’s a clear indicator of a winner on a number of levels:

Just bought a new p135t and love it, we just had our first experience on the Mt. Dora canal paddling in tandem, the kayak is great,took lots of pics and and had shore lunch, getting in and out no problem and lots of room. We can’t wait for the next trip!Dager

Praise continues from other users:

The Pamlico 135T is a great purchase. It has plenty of room and handles great tandem and solo. I can load myself, wife and 3 kids (1, 3 and 5) and it remains very stable in calm water. This is a great boat for the money.

Finally, another review:

The wife and I tandem kayak and so far love our 2011 Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T. Great for flat water day trips. Storage is very good, we fit several good size dry bags on board in various spots. Tracking is good, and primary stability is excellent for paddling flat waters. The 2011 outfitting is very nice. Tandems are heavy but with a good system can be loaded and unloaded onto any roof (we have a pickup truck).

So, very positive reviews. The most common, well I wouldn’t call it complaint, rather it’s an observation, is that some people found the kayak to be slightly heavy for carrying. Some didn’t, so make what you will of that.

Finally we have an extensive review from a couple Pimlico 135t reviewwho clearly love kayaking together. Our thanks to Mike and Sue for such an in-depth look at the Pimlico 135t, having completed a year’s use. So this is a rare opportunity to get a detailed and independant review – Wilderness Pamlico 135t Review.

There’s a lot of user information on the performance, usability, features and even internal storage as well as storage of the kayak at home. A few minor negative points are mentioned, so this is a balanced review we recommend.

For a great price on the Wilderness Pamlico 135t, click here:

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T Tandem Kayak

If you’re looking for the version with rudder, click here:

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T Tandem Kayak with Rudder

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