What is a Tandem Kayak?

Let’s Start With The Basics Like What is a Tandem Kayak and What Can it Do?

Tandem kayaks are designed like small boats that are used to paddle through the rivers and oceans, and are basically made to allow two people get to paddle co-ordinately through the waters and ride about them. They accommodate two paddlers who may not necessarily be of the same strength, similar size, or paddling experience. They are mostly used for recreational, fishing or sports activities.

Pelican tandem kayakTandem kayaks are mainly designed for fun activities and they come in different types. They can be sit-on-top tandems, fishing tandems, sit-in tandems, inflatable tandems and motorised tandems. Whichever the choice, tandem kayaks have many advantages over the single seat boats. Here are some of the advantages.

Firstly, they allow beginners to learn paddle techniques, strokes or boat handling under the careful direction of an experience paddler by the beginner sitting upfront and the trainer in the rear seat. This builds self-confidence in the beginner and is able to make the transition to the solo boat. Secondly, they allow paddlers of different paddling skills to arrive at the same time without the one with better or stronger paddling skills waiting for the weaker one. Thirdly, a paddler can ride with a child with no paddling skills and with plenty of room for him or her at the upfront seat.

The child can also catch on sleep comfortably while the parent paddles along. Fourthly, they accommodate pets. The paddler can comfortably paddle the kayak with a dog or cat in the up front seat rather that riding while being disturbed with the pet’s jumping all over. Fifthly, they offer lots of storage space for cargo, equipment or sports gear. The first compartment acts as a storage space. Finally, the second paddler needs not paddle at all but enjoy the ride, therefore making tandem kayaks ideal for princess paddling.

Let’s have a look at the different types of tandem kayaks.

What is a Sit-on-top Tandem Kayak?

These have hull shapes or moulded depressions on top of the kayaks where the paddlers sit on. Most of them are built from roto-moulded polyethylene plastic that can last for years. They have enough legroom thus making the paddler more comfortable and less confined while paddling. They offer stability for beginners and when on a self-rescue, they are easy to get back on. In addition, there is a lesser risk of being trapped in case the kayak tips over.

Sit-on-top (SOT) tandem kayaks have low maintenance, are easy to use and are less expensive. They require less storage space and hence are ideal for resorts. However, they are slow, short and wide. In addition, the paddler’s entire body is exposed to water and wind and mostly end up with a wet bottom. Sit on top kayaks are often used for short distance kayak tours, surfing waves, scuba diving or snorkelling and fishing.

What is a Sit-in Recreational Tandem Kayak?

These are designed for paddlers who prefer paddling around the cool and calm waters without doing much of the paddling. Their design consists of polyethylene plastic that is durable and lasts for years. They are easy to manoeuvre, stable and perfect for beginners. They are designed with features such as adjustable foot pegs, comfortable seat, a foam block or bulkhead to prevent from sinking, a deck that holds the paddlers gear. They are longer and narrower than the sit on top tandem kayaks. They are used for paddling small children, scuba diving and fishing. They protect the paddler’s lower body and legs from water and wind. They are faster and more efficient than the sit-on-top kayaks and have an option of large spray skirts designed to keep off the paddle drip, water, light rain and small waves. They, however, do not withstand heavy surf launches, landings, or large waves.

What is a Inflatable Tandem Kayak?

These have sophisticated designs that are lightweight, great performers and durable. They have inserted spines, forms and rib frames to provide support and stiffen them as well as give them the ability to compete with those made of hard shell materials. They have high quality fill valves that fit most pump nozzles and with most compartments filled with air, they are lightest in weight and most buoyant of all the tandem kayaks. Inflatable tandem kayaks come with hulls enclosed in a layer of PVC material that is puncture resistant. They are put in the water by a simple foot pump and are used for fishing on flat water, white water or coastal open waters as well as recreational kayaking. They break down easily and do not require large storage space. They allow the exploration of smaller channels where other boats cannot go. They are eco-friendly and require low maintenance and have a good load capacity capable of carrying most of the paddlers luggage.

What is a Fishing Tandem Kayak?

These are kayaks designed to meet the anglers’ special needs of carrying lots of gear. They are specifically structured for fishing activities and have in built rod holders, stowage pockets, and tackle boxes and with extra on deck storage, which keeps the entire paddlers luggage. They also have kayak fishing gear such as paddles, paddle leashes, rod holders and fishing vests.

Fishing tandem kayaks are eco-friendly and less noisy, so rugged and strong. Some of the fishing kayaks are long and narrow while others are short and wide thus offering more stability. They also require a stable platform due to the side-to-side movement common in the fishing activity on water.

What is a Motorised Tandem Kayak?

These are kayaks designed to make it easy for the paddler to control the kayak at the comfort of the cockpit. The motor ensures that there is minimal or no paddling at all.  They are very useful for fishing and recreational purposes. They are installed with waterproof casings for all the electronics as well as a wired remote control to steer the kayak. They allow for hands free operation, as foot pedals using a rudder mainly do the steering.

And Finally…

Tandem kayaks can be used for fishing, sport or any recreational activity. They come in different types, sizes, shapes, colours and features. Better still, most of them require less storage space and can be broken down to smaller pieces and thus easy to carry on the roof tops of your car. For hoteliers or resorts they are placed in racks and thus the storage space can accommodate as many as possible. They are perfectly good for families, spouses, and friends or even pets.

So there you have it, our definition of “what is a tandem kayak” and what a tandem kayak can be used for. I hope that was of some help in answering your question.

Looking for Some of the Best in Tandem Kayaks?

There is nothing more fun than having the best tandem kayak. People who have these boats are free to experience a refreshing water adventure. Whether you opt to have fun with your family or friends, these kayaks are your best choice.

However, not all people who love kayaking know the different types of tandem kayaks. Some of them prefer to buy any brand without examining its features. If you want to have a memorable kayaking experience, you should know its diverse types first.

Tandem Kayaks – What are They?

Before purchasing the best in the market, you have to identify their numerous types first. Some of them are perfect for beginners while others are for professional paddlers including sit-on-top, inflatable, 2-person, folding, fishing and a lot more.

After knowing the different types of tandem kayaks, your next move is to know the different brands and models that can meet your needs. Here are some of the best kayaks you can choose from:

Lagoon 2 Inflatable Tandem Kayak

Lagoon 2 TandemThis type is categorized under the two-person inflatable kayak. It is best for any moderate bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, estuaries and bays.

As compared to others, this type has stronger and durable features. To know more about this Lagoon 2 inflatable tandem kayak, here are some of its features that you should know:

  • Has rigid panels and inner tube covers for abrasion and stiffness protection
  • Includes two distinct materials – the orange upper and bottom material
  • Easy to set up with a small package stowed in the vehicle’s trunk
  •  Has high flow spring and new Twislok valve
  • Includes multiple accessories and parts like deck lift tube, folding seats, mesh pocket, tracking fin and a lot more

For customers’ satisfaction, manufacturers of this item are giving at least one year warranty service for its parts. If you are planning to purchase this, simply prepare $419.99. This price may also vary depending on your supplier. Most suppliers are giving discount rates and free shipment charges. More details on the Lagoon 2 Inflatable

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Tandem Kayak with Rudder

wilderness pamlico 145t
Pamlico 145T is ideal for two people and has exceptional features. The low V-hull of the unit can give your strokes a speedy acceleration and long-lasting slide.

Its amazing maneuverability will also provide you flexibility in exploring the water. This boat is considered as one of the better tandem kayaks due to its unique specifications, including:

  • Phase 3 Lite outfitting that allows you to arrange your seat that suit for your body style
  • High-density spray and comfortable seats that enhance air circulation and exact position configurations
  • Friction-adjustment system that gives configuration
  • Bow slide lock adjustable foot brace system for convenient usage
  • Foam-padded seats with elastic thigh support and ergonomic foam-padded variable  backrests

Like other brands and models, this type has varying rates. Some suppliers ask high rates while others do not. Even if it has distinct costs, its rates range between $1,202 and $1,219 with free shipment charges. More details on the Pamlico 145T

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL

malibu two xl
This type can be paddled tandem or solo. It can accommodate a small child and two adults. Malibu two XL is also perfect for two anglers.

This is also known as one of the finest tandems because of its captivating styles and features.

For better understanding, here are its features which can give you enjoyment:

  • Has stern and bow deck rigging with side-mounted transport handles
  • Includes two comfort tech seats and comfortable overlapping foot wells
  • Equipped with self-bailing scupper holes and has deck bungee
  • Available in an Angler Edition and has paddle keepers
  • Includes two pairs of medium stoppers
  • Has one year warranty service on its parts

If you are planning to buy this tandem kayak, you should know its exact price. This type often ranges between $812 and $829 without shipment rates. More details on the Malibu Two XL

New Pelican Kayaks

Pelican Sport Pursuit 140TThe Pelican International, also called “Pelican Sport”, is also one of the choices of kayakers.

This is manufactured by a reputable company. Pelican is known not only for its high quality and durability.

It is also recognized due to its sturdy and remarkable units. Unlike other kayaks, this has unique features, and these are the following:


  • Has more than 100 models that truly fit for your needs and preferences
  • Includes six new pelican kayaks to supplement their current range
  • Made with durable and quality materials for effective functions
  • Has a price range of $536 to $540.00 with free shipment charges

After knowing the different tandems in the market, it would be easy for you to pick any item you desire. Simply pick the best one to have an ultimate kayaking adventure. More details on the Pelican Apex 130T

Effective Tips in Choosing the Ideal Tandem Kayak

With the increasing demand for tandem kayaks, manufacturers produce multiple brands and models. If you are confused on what to choose, you should research. In buying the best kayaks, you have to consider the following tips:

  • Actual Rates – Not all dual kayaks are expensive. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy these units. To save a great amount of cash, all you have to do is compare the actual cost of your preferred kayak to another.
  • Quality – The quality of the kayak plays a vital role in your satisfaction. Before you pick any type, make sure that you are aware of its exact features to avoid any trouble.
  • Reputable Shop – Finding the best supplier of kayaks is not too easy. Some of them are not great. To depend on an ideal one, take time reading reviews to know the feedback of customers.

By knowing the facts about these kayaks, you can have a chance to get the second to none that you have always desired. What else, are you waiting for? Why don’t you begin shopping now for the kayak that will live up to your expectations? Just don’t forget to make this article your guide.

Welcome to Tandem Kayak Deals

tandem kayak buyers guideSo what is this site all about? It’s not just about finding the best prices on tandem kayaks, it’s also about looking at the various disciplines within the paddlesport. It’s about finding out where paddling is going, what’s new and what there is to support kayaking.


What is a ‘tandem kayak’ anyway? Sure, I know some of you will be wondering why state the obvious, but it may not be obvious to everyone.

So first of all, let’s look at what a Kayak is. In the broad sense, it’s a boat where the person sits with their legs out in front of them and uses a double-bladed paddle to push the kayak through the water. So by extension, a tandem kayak is paddled by two people. Yes, there are exceptions to all of that, but that’s the broadest definition.


What do we mean when we say various disciplines or categories of tandem kayaking? Well kayaking is again broadly divided into a number of disciplines that cover various uses.

So on our site there are touring or expedition kayaks, light touring or day tripping kayaks and general recreation kayaks. There are further disciplines such as polo, slalem, whitewater, surf, sprint and racing, but we’ll leave those areas for the more specialist sites. We want to concentrate on the general fun and recreation side of paddlesport.

Kayaks can be hard or soft which affects their handling and performance and can be made of various materials which we’ll look at. Sit-on-top tandems have been growing in popularity for some time and so have inflatable kayaks. We’ll have detailed posts on both these. And we’ll also be reviewing sea kayaking, also known as ocean kayaking or touring, although that also includes lakes of course!

Kayak Designs

Finally we will take a look at any developments affecting the range of kayak categories. So for example we’ll cover foot-powered kayaks that drive rotational propellors or flippers; sail attachments and even small motors! Yes, I know that seems to be contrary to paddling, but it’s interesting to see where the paddlesport is heading.


Sea tandem kayaking at Trunk Bay on St. John

I said ‘finally’ above, but I ought to add those things which make kayaking easier and/or more accessible. Things such as helmets, paddles, roofracks, carriers, buoyancy aids and a few other essentials.

Let’s not forget about hints, tips and tandem kayaking techniques. We may not cover those things in detail ourselves, but we will be pointing out the best resources for you, where there are those people better qualified to help with those issues.

So it’s an all-round site covering all areas of general tandem kayaking for fun and leisure. I hope you find it useful.

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Inflatable Kayak

Lagoon 2 in use on the sea

A Review of the Lagoon 2 Inflatable Tandem Kayak

This is a 2-person inflatable kayak which admirably deals with moderately sized bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, bays, and estuaries. However, having said that, some users have used it in rough seas with some success. It is stated that the Lagoon 2 is stronger and tougher than many other inflatables, so how does it meet this description?

Well this kayak has rigid panels which are actually built in to the cover directly. So rather than flap about loose inside the kayak they remain in place and help the overall rigidity. Looking at the kayak from the side you can see that its uppermost surface is orange whilst the surface below that is grey. These form 2 different materials. The orange upper material features a high-denier polyester with a PVC laminate. The bottom material, in grey, is PVC tarpaulin consisting of two sheets of PVC with a fabric mesh sandwiched in-between. In addition the inner tube has a high-density fabric covering. The result is a very durable and rigid design which withstands most handling.

The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 is pretty easy to set up. Like most inflatable kayaks, you’ll start with a small package probably stowed in the trunk of your vehicle. It packs neatly into a duffel bag which is supplied. Once taken out of the bag, it features new Twistlok™ valves and high flow Spring™ valves to get you quickly pumped up and going. Please note that a pump is not supplied with the kayak, so please make sure you order one at the same time. You will need a Bellows Foot Pump or a Double Action Hand Pump. Inflating it via mouth is not an option!

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 KayakOnce on the water, you’ll find it comfortable to sit in and easy to manoevre. There are padded high-support seats for both users which are in a good paddling position. One user writes that he’s even been able to very comfortably use the kayak in solo mode from both front and back seats. In use there is a tracking fin which helps with stability and improves performance and there’s also a landing plate. There are 8 air chambers in total.

Lagoon 2 General Specifications

COLOR: Orange and Grey
LENGTH: 12 Feet
WIDTH: 34 Inches
WEIGHT: 37 Lbs
USAGE: 1 or 2 persons
FOLDED SIZE: 35″ x 19″ x 7″

Other Features

The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 also comes equipped with the following features:

– Bungee deck lacing
– Deck lift tube
– Durable fabric cover
– Electronically welded seams
– Folding seats
– Mesh pocket
– Paddle holder
– Rip-stop fabric
– Rubber molded handle
– Splash diverter
– Tracking fin

There is a duffel bag to carry the kayak in, 2 folding seats included, a repair kit and an owners manual. You can dowload the owners manual if you want to read the detail before purchase.

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Amazons Discount on the Advanced Elements
Lagoon 2 Tandem Kayak



Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Tandem Kayak with Rudder

Summary of the Pamlico 145T

Pamlico 145T Tandem Kayak

The Pamlico 145T is a kayak for 2 people, the ‘T’ in the 145T denoting ‘Tandem’. In it, you get swift acceleration from a V-shaped hull that dashes throughout lengthy distances. Excellent tandem for 2 people, paddling with the household dog, or just a solo tour.

Want to distribute the magic of paddling with a pal? The shallow V-hull Of the Pamlico 145T transforms your strokes to swift acceleration and a soft, lasting slide. The fantastic maneuverability offers you the flexibility to investigate waters and also conditions that may be excessive for a keeled boat. It’s a joy to paddle over wide expanses of lakes, pools, and streams.

Phase3 Lite outfitting enables you to set up your seat to accurately suit your body style. The sculptured high-density spray seats promote air circulation as well as the precise-position configurations alleviating upper leg as well as back fatigue, delivering unparalleled control and luxury. A friction-adjustment system allows configurations anywhere within the assortment of movement for that change. Best of all, you’ll certainly never have to land and get out of your watercraft to readjust your settings; all controls are directly at your fingertips. And also if all that really isn’t adequate, the seats additionally adjust for solo paddling, making the ideal loved ones boat exceptional for sneaking out by yourself too. The Pamlico 145T is a 5* celebrity watercraft for loved ones fun in the sun!

Performance Video

Once again, it’s been very difficult to find objective reviews on tandem kayaks. However, I did manage to find a simple video on the 145T which adequately states a few basics:


Length:     14′ 6″ / 442 cm
Width:     28″ / 71 cm
Max Capacity:     400 lbs. / 181 kg
Deck Height:     14″ / 36 cm
Weight:     65 lbs. / 29 kg
Cockpit Length:     84.5″ / 215 cm
Cockpit Width:     22″ / 56 cm


Bungee Deck Rigging
Made in the USA
Phase 3 Seating System
Rudder Ready
SlideLock Foot Brace System
Sliding Bow Seat
Soft Touch Handles

For a great price on the Pamlico 145t, click here:

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Tandem Kayak