The Pro 2 Tandem Kayak

Pro 2 Tandem KayakThe new version having been introduced in 2010, the Malibu Pro 2 Tandem Kayak has sold exceptionally well and been a popular buy. It’s paddlesport popularity is due to a number of factors and features. Firstly it’s been designed for all-round lake, sea and flat water use, so it meets many paddlers needs in one package. Secondly, that same design allows for a multitude of uses in all those scenarios.

Malibu Pro 2 Tandem – The Details for the Fish and Dive Version

Let’s look at the detail. The Malibu Pro 2 kayak a sit-on-top tandem kayak, obviously designed for two people, but actually works exceptionally well for one paddler as well, thanks to its great stability factor. So if your normal paddling partner can’t make the day, that’s no problem for you!

The Pro 2 tandem has comfort, flexibility, maneuverability as well as the stability I’ve already mentioned. These factors make it ideal for varied uses such as diving and fishing as well as just recreational use.

It will cater for all age ranges and comes equipped with a good array of features such as good foot wells, dry seating and various hatches. There are also dive wells, handles front and rear, bungee cord and even an insert for trolling motor mount.

Malibu Kayak Pro2 Tandem – The Features

  • 2 dry seating areas
  • Molded footrests for both paddlers set at various positions
  • Additional footrests for single paddler
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout
  • Dive wells at front and rear
  • Nylon threaded eyelets
  • Bungee tank cord and hooks
  • Trolling motor mount
  • Carry handles at front and rear
  • 8 inch round hatch with bucket
  • 6 inch hatch with bag
  • Large rectangular hatch
  • 6 rod holders equally-spaced
  • Stackable

Malibu Pro 2 – The Specs

  • Length:    13 feet
  • Width:    33 inches
  • Depth:    11 inches
  • Weight:    60 lbs
  • Capacity:    550 lbs
  • Depth from waterline:    5.5 inches

Malibu Pro Tandem 2 Review

malibu pro 2 kayak

Overall the Malibu Pro2 Tandem gets between 3 and 5 stars from personal users, biasing towards the upper end.

One user said…

This is NICE! It is stable and paddles well
customer review

Another reviewer said…

Very nice kayak. Glides through the water nicely, and it is very stable with two people
Brian Russell

customer review

There were good comments all round, although one reviewer said the insert for the trolling motor became a funnel for water if a larger person was sitting at the back, but his comment was made in July 2010 and I believe that the Malibu Pro 2 had this corrected later in 2010/11 with the new designs.

One other negative comment was that the Malibu Pro2 Tandem had the carrying handles on either side, making it difficult to carry by one person. Well OK, that might be true, but this is a tandem kayak, so I’d guess that most of the time there are going to be two people around, right?

See all the reviews here.

The last comment I’ll refer to said;

I was so surprised to get such a great deal on a kayak through Amazon!

customer review

and I bring that to your attention since that’s exactly where we’re going to recommend you go too. With low prices and free shipping, it’s hard to beat their deals.

So there you have it, the Pro 2 Tandem Kayak in all its glory.
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What Tandem Kayak Accessories Are Available?

Accessorizing Your Tandem Kayak

So what are available as tandem kayak accessories? Well it depends upon the discipline you’re in. You know, whether you have a fishing kayak, touring kayak, sea kayak and so on. Be aware also that some brand accessories will only fit the same brand kayak, and not other brands. So some Cobra tandem kayak accessories may not fit  Please check before you purchase.

So let’s look at the sort of tandem kayak accessories you might find for your type of kayak.

River Tandem Kayak Accessories

  • foam walls
  • handholds
  • foot braces
  • hip and thigh pads
  • waterproof bag
  • spray deck

Touring Tandem Kayak Accessories

  • bulkheads and hatches
  • rudders and skegs
  • spray skirt
  • grab loops
  • sea anchor

General Tandem Kayak Accessories

There’s a range of accessories that will be needed for any discipline. For example flotation devices to keep you or items afloat if they go overboard, bailing accessories to keep you afloat(!) and storage in many forms for keeping the dry stuff, well… dry!

Then there’s safety equipment, tow lines, throw lines, deck bags, bilge pumps and a whole host of other goodies.

You can also get lots of more esoteric tandem kayak accessories such as sun shades and web cams.

Tandem Kayak Accessories for Fishing

Again there’s a whole wealth of items to keep the kayak fisherman very happy. Everything from adjustable rod holders and cradles to adjustable extenders and outriggers. Then there’s the simple stuff like rod leashes, paddle clips, drift chute and so on.

So whatever it is you want, there will probably be an tandem kayak accessory for it. See our other pages for more details.

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Looking for the Best Tandem Kayak for the Money?

This needn’t be the difficult question it appears to be at first sight, so long as you know why you want the ultimate tandem kayak in the first place! By that I mean, what kind of kayaking have you always dreamed of?

best tandem touring kayak pictureSo you aren’t just looking for the best tandem kayak, you’re perhaps looking for the best family tandem kayak. Or maybe you want the best tandem touring kayak?

You see where we’re going with this? If you know the category of kayaking you want to be in, you’ve already started the selection process. Maybe you’re into fishing and would love to find the best tandem fishing kayak?

So identify what you’re going to be doing:

  • fishing
  • exploring
  • flat water
  • white water
  • ocean
  • touring
  • family

Once you’ve chosen that, you’re on the road to finding the best tandem kayaks around. So from there you’ll want to think about size. Take a look at the range of kayaks in the discipline you’re interested in. How do the sizes vary?

Is this important? It may well be.

Where Can You Store It?

I hope that’s not a question that’s only just occurred to you as you read it here! Well no matter. Hey it’s your dream so let’s get that sorted.

The Best Tandem Kayak Storage

  • garage storage area in the roof
  • garage internal side wall
  • shed or other storage building
  • any outside wall

Many of these will require brackets and we tackle those on another page. If you use external side walls, remember to include security in your purchases – thieves may well consider them the best tandem kayaks they’ve seen as well and make off with them. So always secure the kayak safely.

So, whilst you’re considering these options, measure up and make sure the kayak will fit in the space! That’s why I said that size may be important here.

Top Rated Tandem Kayaks

If you go to our brands pages, you’ll find lots of the best tandem kayak reviews around. We concentrate on the specs of the kayak and point out user reviews where possible and even invite you to submit your own review. It might be on the best touring kayak, the best ocean or sea kayak or any other tandem kayak reviewed.

Best Value Tandem Kayak

We’re often getting questions about the best value tandem kayak or similar questions. Obviously value for money is always on everyones lips so we’ll pay special attention to this area and find the best prices for you. Look through the other Categories on this site for more details on all these issues.