Lifetime Sport Fisher 10′ Tandem Kayak – A Review

The Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

Summer is near and it is nice to go out and have some fun with friends, family, and acquaintances. For those who love fishing, here is the Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak to make it easier for you.

You may take two of your friends to go out and go fishing both in sitting and standing positions because it has a steady design.

The features of this Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak will give you total freedom in fishing. You can do whatever you wish to do. You preferences in fishing won’t be restricted by the boat you are riding.

Product Description

The Lifetime Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak will provide you extreme steadiness and great tracking through its smartly shaped hull, UV-protected and high-density polyethylene chassis. It has fishing pole pockets with a 6-inch rear storeroom hatch, the ditty trays for securing your loose objects, and the drainer of the cockpit room in the scupper holes. And for your most convenience, it can be easily carried because of its molded rear and front handles, as well as its lightweight 60-pound frame.

This is the ultimate fishing Kayak. It has ergonomic seating that is high and dry which will take the riders off the floor of the kayak. The maximum capacity of the Lifetime Sport Fisher 10′ Tandem Kayak is 500 pounds.

Product Features

This Sport Fisher Kayak is a 10-foot sport fisher that possesses special features that will make your fishing experience more than the ordinary.

  • It is constructed of polyethylene with UV-protection and high-density
  • 3 spaces for 3 people
  • Four Fishing Pole Holders
  • Provides comfortable, ergonomic seating
  • The Hull Design gives excellent tracking and ultra stability
  • Easy to carry, weighs only 65 lb.
  • Has several footrest positions for riders with different sizes
  • The cockpit area has scupper holes for draining
  • High and dry seating
  • Molded front and rear carry handles
  • Provides security for loose items through shock cord straps and ditty trays
  • Has rear storage hatch
  • Both sides have paddle clips
  • Capacity is 500 lb.
  • Supplied with two paddles
  • Two backrests

Customer Reviews

The customers who have purchased and used the Lifetime Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak with paddles and backrests were lifetime products 10 ft sport fisher kayaksatisfied with its features and proved it themselves that standing on this kayak is so easy.

Some said that it is the perfect size where they could lift and manoeuvre together. Someone was amused that she can wear skirts when riding without worrying too much. She remarked that they were amazed with how comfortable this is. She said that they were already in 50’s so she has back pain and her husband has bad hip but riding on the Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak does not give them any discomfort. She admitted that it looked silly getting in and out but according to her it is the best purchase she has ever had.

The Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak almost got to score five stars. Most of the customers marked it five stars and no one marked it with 1 star and 3 stars, and there is only one who gave it 2 stars.


With all the above mentioned features of the Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak, the fact that it’s sturdy and its great weight capacity stands out the most. The quality is good overall and it is highly recommended by its users for fishing smaller lakes.

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