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Pelican tandem kayak

Pelican tandem kayakPelican International, more widely known as Pelican Sport, have long been a leader in boat-making, and amongst their approximate 100 models are a range of kayaks in four categories:

  1. Sit-in
  2. Sit-in fishing
  3. Sit-on
  4. Sit-on fishing

There are six new Pelican kayaks in their line-up to supplement their existing range. Let’s recap on their current model list.

The sit-in recreational range includes a total of 8 kayaks:

  • Freedom 100
  • Freedom 100X
  • Pursuit 80
  • Pursuit 80X
  • Pursuit 140T (the tandem kayak version)
  • Pulse 100
  • Pulse 100X
  • Pulse 120X

This range includes two new 10-foot and one new 12 foot models and encompasses basic models up to recreational with touring capability.

Meanwhile, the fishing sit-in range includes a new total of 2 kayaks, both being new models for 2012:

  • Pulse 100X Angler
  • Pulse 120X Angler

In the sit-on top range we now have a total of 7 models:

  • Solo
  • Apex 80
  • Apex 80X
  • Apex 100
  • Apex 116
  • Apex 130
  • Apex 130T (we’ve reviewed this tandem kayak version)

The new model here is the Solo, a welcome children’s version.

The final range is the sit-in fishing kayak which includes:

  • Castaway 100
  • Castaway 116
  • Castaway 130

So that’s a total of 6 new models introduced. The tandem kayak versions were not updated so presumably they’re still happy with those designs and performance.

Pelican is not only known for its performance kayaks, but also for the material used in the production of these. Unique to Pelican is their exclusive multi-layer material which they’ve named RAM-X.

It’s been specially designed so that it imparts high impact-resistance. So after a violent bump, it has an ability to regain its former shape. Additionally the exterior finish is made to be UV-protected. To quote Pelican themselves:

RAM-X has become the benchmark of quality in the industry.

The result is a kayak that’s more agile and responsive and also more durable.

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