Pelican Apex 130t Tandem Kayak Review


Pelican-130t-KayakKayaking is truly meant for those who are ready to travel any length in pursuit of adventure through fun activities on water. If you are on the lookout for a kayak fit for a nice summer trip, then the Pelican Apex 130t tandem kayak may just be the right product to lay your hands on.

Apex 130t Kayak Product Description

The Pelican Apex 130T tandem sit-on Kayak has been diligently crafted with a sole aim of ensuring two most vital aspects while on water. These are safety and comfort. The light boat has stable hull built using super-tough construction with Ram-X material to ensure its longevity and persistent use over the years. Interestingly, the dual passenger kayak has a self-bailing design which keeps it from filling with water.

Pelican 130t Product Features

Mentioned below are some of the most prominent features of the Pelican Apex 130T Tandem Kayak. These include:

  • The kayak measures 13-feet long, is 35 1/4 inches wide and weighs 66 lbs. it can carry maximum load of 450 lbs.
  • The light boat can carry 2 passengers at a time. It is equipped with 2 molded seats along with molded footrests for comfort. Most importantly, the backrests are padded and adjustable. This provides ample support to the body as one engages in strenuous workout while maneuvering the boat through rough waters.
  • The Pelican Apex 130T Kayak also provides ample storage space to stow away the belongings both at front and in the rear portion. The tight bungee areas also help in keeping the things dry.
  • Apex 130T Kayak also has bow and stern carry handles along with bottle and paddle holders.
  • The boat has a self-bailing design which prevents water from filling the kayak.

Pelican Apex 130t Customer Reviews

Pelican Apex 130T Kayak is perfect for dual use. For many who have used this kayak say it as an excellent product for use on high waters, particularly on account of its weight. It is heavy enough to be stable on rough waters Apex 130t Kayakwithout tipping off and also has a self-bailing feature which prevents water from filling the inside of the boat.

Together these two features consolidate the safety aspect of Pelican Apex 130T Kayak. Its seating is another much talked about feature. The adjustable and padded backrest helps ease maneuverability. However, weighing as much as 66 lbs makes it difficult to carry the boat from one place to another thereby necessitating use of some vehicle.

Pelican Apex Summary

Overall, the Pelican Apex 130T Tandem Kayak is a top of the line boat for those craving for an exciting dual adventure year after year. Besides, with that bright orange color anyone would want to standout from the rest on high waters.

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