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tandem kayak buyers guideSo what is this site all about? It’s not just about finding the best prices on tandem kayaks, it’s also about looking at the various disciplines within the paddlesport. It’s about finding out where paddling is going, what’s new and what there is to support kayaking.


What is a ‘tandem kayak’ anyway? Sure, I know some of you will be wondering why state the obvious, but it may not be obvious to everyone.

So first of all, let’s look at what a Kayak is. In the broad sense, it’s a boat where the person sits with their legs out in front of them and uses a double-bladed paddle to push the kayak through the water. So by extension, a tandem kayak is paddled by two people. Yes, there are exceptions to all of that, but that’s the broadest definition.


What do we mean when we say various disciplines or categories of tandem kayaking? Well kayaking is again broadly divided into a number of disciplines that cover various uses.

So on our site there are touring or expedition kayaks, light touring or day tripping kayaks and general recreation kayaks. There are further disciplines such as polo, slalem, whitewater, surf, sprint and racing, but we’ll leave those areas for the more specialist sites. We want to concentrate on the general fun and recreation side of paddlesport.

Kayaks can be hard or soft which affects their handling and performance and can be made of various materials which we’ll look at. Sit-on-top tandems have been growing in popularity for some time and so have inflatable kayaks. We’ll have detailed posts on both these. And we’ll also be reviewing sea kayaking, also known as ocean kayaking or touring, although that also includes lakes of course!

Kayak Designs

Finally we will take a look at any developments affecting the range of kayak categories. So for example we’ll cover foot-powered kayaks that drive rotational propellors or flippers; sail attachments and even small motors! Yes, I know that seems to be contrary to paddling, but it’s interesting to see where the paddlesport is heading.


Sea tandem kayaking at Trunk Bay on St. John

I said ‘finally’ above, but I ought to add those things which make kayaking easier and/or more accessible. Things such as helmets, paddles, roofracks, carriers, buoyancy aids and a few other essentials.

Let’s not forget about hints, tips and tandem kayaking techniques. We may not cover those things in detail ourselves, but we will be pointing out the best resources for you, where there are those people better qualified to help with those issues.

So it’s an all-round site covering all areas of general tandem kayaking for fun and leisure. I hope you find it useful.

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