What Tandem Kayak Accessories Are Available?

Accessorizing Your Tandem Kayak

So what are available as tandem kayak accessories? Well it depends upon the discipline you’re in. You know, whether you have a fishing kayak, touring kayak, sea kayak and so on. Be aware also that some brand accessories will only fit the same brand kayak, and not other brands. So some Cobra tandem kayak accessories may not fitĀ  Please check before you purchase.

So let’s look at the sort of tandem kayak accessories you might find for your type of kayak.

River Tandem Kayak Accessories

  • foam walls
  • handholds
  • foot braces
  • hip and thigh pads
  • waterproof bag
  • spray deck

Touring Tandem Kayak Accessories

  • bulkheads and hatches
  • rudders and skegs
  • spray skirt
  • grab loops
  • sea anchor

General Tandem Kayak Accessories

There’s a range of accessories that will be needed for any discipline. For example flotation devices to keep you or items afloat if they go overboard, bailing accessories to keep you afloat(!) and storage in many forms for keeping the dry stuff, well… dry!

Then there’s safety equipment, tow lines, throw lines, deck bags, bilge pumps and a whole host of other goodies.

You can also get lots of more esoteric tandem kayak accessories such as sun shades and web cams.

Tandem Kayak Accessories for Fishing

Again there’s a whole wealth of items to keep the kayak fisherman very happy. Everything from adjustable rod holders and cradles to adjustable extenders and outriggers. Then there’s the simple stuff like rod leashes, paddle clips, drift chute and so on.

So whatever it is you want, there will probably be an tandem kayak accessory for it. See our other pages for more details.

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