Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Tandem Kayak with Rudder

Pamlico 145T Tandem Kayak

Summary of the Pamlico 145T

Pamlico 145T Tandem Kayak

The Pamlico 145T is a kayak for 2 people, the ‘T’ in the 145T denoting ‘Tandem’. In it, you get swift acceleration from a V-shaped hull that dashes throughout lengthy distances. Excellent tandem for 2 people, paddling with the household dog, or just a solo tour.

Want to distribute the magic of paddling with a pal? The shallow V-hull Of the Pamlico 145T transforms your strokes to swift acceleration and a soft, lasting slide. The fantastic maneuverability offers you the flexibility to investigate waters and also conditions that may be excessive for a keeled boat. It’s a joy to paddle over wide expanses of lakes, pools, and streams.

Phase3 Lite outfitting enables you to set up your seat to accurately suit your body style. The sculptured high-density spray seats promote air circulation as well as the precise-position configurations alleviating upper leg as well as back fatigue, delivering unparalleled control and luxury. A friction-adjustment system allows configurations anywhere within the assortment of movement for that change. Best of all, you’ll certainly never have to land and get out of your watercraft to readjust your settings; all controls are directly at your fingertips. And also if all that really isn’t adequate, the seats additionally adjust for solo paddling, making the ideal loved ones boat exceptional for sneaking out by yourself too. The Pamlico 145T is a 5* celebrity watercraft for loved ones fun in the sun!

Performance Video

Once again, it’s been very difficult to find objective reviews on tandem kayaks. However, I did manage to find a simple video on the 145T which adequately states a few basics:


Length:     14′ 6″ / 442 cm
Width:     28″ / 71 cm
Max Capacity:     400 lbs. / 181 kg
Deck Height:     14″ / 36 cm
Weight:     65 lbs. / 29 kg
Cockpit Length:     84.5″ / 215 cm
Cockpit Width:     22″ / 56 cm


Bungee Deck Rigging
Made in the USA
Phase 3 Seating System
Rudder Ready
SlideLock Foot Brace System
Sliding Bow Seat
Soft Touch Handles

For a great price on the Pamlico 145t, click here:

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T Tandem Kayak

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